Questions & Answers

Questions about products

We source almost all of our products directly from producers, farmers and beekeepers.
Of course, this doesn't happen overnight, because we also started out small and finding reliable suppliers for high-quality products is not easy.
It sometimes takes years to find a supplier for a particular product with whom you can and want to work on a long-term basis and who delivers consistently high quality.
But of course, this also has its advantages. The fact that we have grown together with some of our suppliers and know them personally and often privately means that a wealth of experience and trust has naturally developed on both sides over many decades. This in turn means that we can define the quality criteria ourselves together with our suppliers and also gain a much better insight into how the products are obtained.
We are therefore in the fortunate position of being able to offer the best products for our customers and also develop long-standing international friendships.

Questions about shipping

We ship exclusively with DHL.

Of course we also ship to packing stations.

You will receive a link to track your shipment immediately after dispatch.

Questions about payment

Unfortunately, Kaspersky Internet Security users repeatedly encounter problems when paying with PayPal.

You must therefore make a change in your Kaspersky settings for payments with Paypal:

In the Kaspersky settings (gear wheel), please navigate to the button 'Protection' > 'Secure payments'. Here, please set the slider on the right-hand side to 'Off'.
This should usually be enough.

If it still does not work, please proceed as follows:

Kaspersky 'Gear' > 'Protection' > 'Web Anti Virus' > 'Advanced Settings'(bottom left) > 'Customize trusted web addresses' > add

This should work in any case. If you still have problems, please contact us at 02823-9284964.