Body scrub rose with acacia honey

Ingredients for 1 jar:

- 5 tbsp sea salt
- 10 tbsp brown sugar
- 4 tbsp honey (here: acacia honey with rose water)
- 1 handful rose petals
- Optional 3-5 drops wild rose oil
- kitchen blender or bowl, knife and spoon

Rose body scrub with acacia honey

Catch the scent of summer and collect fresh rose petals from strongly scented roses.

You should have all the other ingredients at home. That's what makes this recipe so brilliantly simple.

We collected different colored rose petals & varieties and used them to make 3 different colored scrubs.

You can also mix them or make just one rose variety. We used 160 ml jars with lids.


We like to use the kitchen blender here, as both the relatively coarse sea salt and brown sugar become much finer and you can even cleanse your face with the scrub.

If you only want to exfoliate your body, it is enough to cut the rose petals into delicate strips with a knife and mix all the ingredients together in a bowl.

Now fill your scrub into the jar and enjoy the summer shower yourself or delight other people with this fine gift of nature.

Body scrub Rose with sea salt

Body scrub Rose with cane sugar

Body scrub rose with wild rose oil