Calendula ointment from oil macerate with aspermill beeswax

Preparation time: 45 minutes - Difficulty: easy

- 250 ml marigold oil
- 20 g cocoa butter
- 20 g Beeswax

Calendula ointment from oil - macerate with aspermil beeswax


Fill a wide pot with water for the water bath and put a smaller pot in it for preparing the ointment.

Gently heat the oil in the small pot at about 65 C° of the water bath, it must not boil!

Add the beeswax and let it melt while stirring constantly, then remove the pot from the heat and let it cool down while continuing to stir until 50 C° is reached- takes about 10 min- now add the cocoa butter and stir well until all the ingredients are combined.

Once everything is now well melted, pour the ointment before solidifying in ointment jars provided for this purpose, allow to cool completely, then close tightly and store in a cool place.

Storage and use:

Once opened, the ointment should be used within 1-3 months and always removed with clean fingers or a spatula.

Helps with skin abrasions and wounds, also relieves itching from insect bites.


Marigold petals

Ointment pot with calendula ointment

Preparation of a marigold maceration with oil

Collect the marigolds only in sunny weather with light wind, the morning dew must be out. Use only the flowers, no greenery.

To do this, pluck the ray flowers and tubular flowers from the green basket, place everything on a towel and spread loosely that the petals can wilt, then pour the plant material loosely into a clean screw-top jar and infuse with an olive oil, corn oil or almond oil until all the petals are covered (jojoba oil is not suitable for an extract).

This should also be done in dry weather.

Now the oil must stand in a bright place and rest- IMPORTANT: not in the blazing sun!!!

Do not close the lid of the jar tightly, better cover with an airy cloth, stir and shake daily, no mold should form.

After 4-5 weeks the marigold oil is ready.

Now squeeze the flower-oil mixture through a gauze cloth, fill it into a dark bottle or process it further into a marigold ointment as described above.

Be careful if you are allergic to marigolds.