Detox Fasting Oxymel - Oxymel Potion of Vinegar & Honey

Preparation time: 30 minutes - Difficulty: easy

- 200 ml organic apple cider vinegar
- 400 g Blütenhonig mit Zitrone
- 25 g dried nettle seeds
- ½ tsp fleur de sel

Oxymel- magic potion of vinegar, honey and nettle seeds.


Mix all ingredients in a clean bowl and then pour into a sterilized glass jar that holds about 750 ml.

After filling, clean the rim of the bottle, put a piece of baking paper between the jar & lid and place the bottle in a cool, dark place for 1 week.

Shake daily and after 1 week the Oxymel can be used.

Daily 2 x 1 tbsp. pure or in water will help you stay balanced in your cleansing.