Flower seed mobile


- wooden ring- here a small embroidery hoop (13,5 cm)
- 9-12 seed bags blank
- 4 wooden balls (you can get everything in a craft store)
- colored pencils
- natural cord or wool
- colored paper clips
- different flower seeds

Flower seed mobile

Collecting seeds:

Collecting seed stalks works for many popular summer flowers such as marigolds, sunflowers, mallow, hollyhocks, bellflower, lemon balm, mullein, columbine, lady's mantle.

It is important that you harvest only when the seed pods or capsules turn brown, now the seeds are ripe. Also, be sure to harvest on a dry day, if the sun is shining all the better, because wet seeds mold more easily.

To harvest the seeds simply peel off the capsules or pods and open them, then you can shake out the visible seeds and dry them on lined newspaper for a few days. Some seeds are put directly into the bag and after a few days the seeds fall out of the capsules by themselves, which you can then remove.

Then fill the respective flower seeds into your prepared sachets.

Mobile DIY:

During the drying time you can paint your seed bags with the respective plant and label them with sowing times. To hang your mobile, cut three ribbons of the same length, knot them each at one end with the smaller inner ring and thread on the wooden balls. Now bring the other 3 ends together, tie a loop to hang your mobile, here you thread the 4th wooden ball. Now, evenly spaced, wrap another ribbon of yarn around the inner wooden ring and tighten it with the outer ring. Once you have the suspension well balanced, you can hang your seed bags using the paper clips.

Experience shows that the seeds will last about 3 years if stored in a dry place.

Have fun with it !

Flower seeds Hyacinth

Flower seeds cornflower

Flower seeds hollyhock