Insect bite ointment with plantain, chickweed, yarrow


- 50 g freshly harvested chickweed,
- plantain and yarrow leaves
- 125 g almond oil
- 125 g hemp oil
- 250 g Beeswax

Wound & healing ointment with plantain, chickweed, yarrow

Fill the fresh herbs into a screw-top jar, pour oil on them and let them steep in a warm place for 4 weeks.

It is important that the herbs are completely covered with oil, as anything exposed to the air can mold.

Then strain the herbs, put the oil in a small pot, add beeswax and heat gently, stirring constantly until everything liquefies and an emulsion is formed.

Then just pour into jars or ointment jars and let cool. Use best labels for labeling with date.
The amount of beeswax can be varied, of course, depending on what firmness is desired for the cream.

Use according to your own perception, it brings real relief.

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