Sage Smudge Sticks

Preparation time: 60 min - Difficulty: easy

- Some fresh sage stalks
- Natural yarn
- Scissors


Smudge sticks of white sage are a popular and easy to use incense and are used in sweat lodge rituals and incense ceremonies.

The fresh sage clusters and leaves are collected and tied together with natural yarn (cotton, jute, hemp) and then dried in a dark and airy place.

How to smoke with the sticks:

Carefully light the tip of a Smudge Stick with a match or lighter.

Be careful not to drop any embers or ash on the ground, and never light the Smudge Stick near flammable materials.

If the dry leaves of the white sage bundle begin to burn, extinguish the fire immediately by carefully waving the Smudge Stick or gently blowing out the light flame.

If you prefer to smoke unbundled sage, you can also do so with our already dried sage leaves, also highly recommended in combination with rosemary & thyme.

Important notice:

When smoking, be sure to watch out for falling ash or glowing leaves.

Please hold a plate under the Smudge Stick or put it in a container with sand.

Sage Incense Sticks

Sage Incense Sticks