Sage deodorant spray with lemon & orange

The deodorant has a preparation time of 4 weeks - Difficulty: easy

Ingredients for 2 spray bottles of about 250 ml:
- 100 ml organic apple cider vinegar naturally cloudy
- 2 bunches of fresh sage (dried is also possible - but not as effective)
- 1 tablespoon each lemon & orange zest
- 1 glass 200 ml with screw cap
- later: distilled or boiled water

Calendula ointment made from oil - macerate with asper mill beeswax

How to prepare your deodorant:

Cut the sage into fine strips with a sharp kitchen knife and fill it into a screw-top jar together with the fruit abrasion so that it is ¾ full.

Cover it generously with the apple cider vinegar and close the jar. Now it needs about 4 weeks of infusion time in a bright and warm place, but without direct sunlight, shaking daily.

After the infusion time, strain the vinegar extract through a tea filter and fill your two atomizer bottles half with vinegar and half with water.

The deodorant will keep for several months.

Sage has antiperspirant, antibacterial and astringent properties. Apple cider vinegar causes the sweat glands to contract and less sweat is produced, at the same time lowering the ph of the skin.

Orange and lemon provide a pleasant scent and good mood.