Smoking bundles with summer herbs & wildflowers


- herbs and wild flowers (non-toxic):
E.G.: Rosemary, lavender, sage, cornflower, chamomile
more examples see below
- Natural yarn (hemp, wool, cotton)
- Scissors

Incense bundle with local summer herbs & wildflowers

You need different herbs, e.g.: choose according to your needs, pay attention to the meaning of the herbs and their scent, do not use poisonous herbs!

Rosemary (promotes concentration, cleansing, helps to let go, protective plant)
Lavender (relaxing, harmonizing, calming, cleansing)
Sage (cleansing, has a disinfecting effect, clears the mind, invigorates)
Yarrow (strengthens, helps you to find balance, has a clarifying effect)
St. John's wort (brightens the mood, calms the nerves, joy)
Mugwort (protective plant, gives strength, here & now, supports meditation). Now, supports meditation)

You can also add wild flowers, e.g: Cornflower, camomile, mullein, roses
Natural yarn (hemp, wool, cotton), flower scissors or shears

Incense bundles are easy to make yourself with a little practice, the first step is to collect them:

Cut only dry herbs (approx. 10-15 cm long), preferably in sunny weather around midday.

Dew and rain will cause your herbs to mold quickly.

You can collect them in a basket and leave them to wilt at home, sorted on a table, for about 30 minutes.

To bind the herbs, lay them on top of each other and arrange them evenly, making sure that your bundle is the same length and thickness on all sides.

When you have arranged all the herbs the way you want them, press them together a little between your hands, take your thread spool, leave about 10 cm of thread hanging and wrap it around the stems several times at the beginning.

Then tie the herbs together with the thread from the stems upwards, pressing a little with your hands - the thread must not be too tight or too loose, as the herbs will shrink a little as they dry.

Do not cut the thread yet and wrap it slightly diagonally upwards, turn it over and do the same again to the bottom end of the thread, here you can wrap it several times to get a small handle.

Then cut at the same length as the start of the thread, knot both ends and tie a loop to hang your herb bundle upside down to dry.

An airy, shady and warm place is perfect for this - depending on the location, it will take 1-2 weeks for your bundles to dry and be ready for smoking.

Have fun smoking at the various annual festivals, indoors or outdoors for cleansing. If you smoke indoors, ventilate well afterwards.