Mushroom schnitzel from Parasol giant umbrella mushrooms

  • Vegetarian - Lactose-free

Preparation time: 45 minutes - Difficulty level: easy

Ingredients for 2 portions:

- 4 large parasol hats
- 1-2 eggs
- 4-5 tbsp butter - they absorb a lot of fat
- approx. 80 g breadcrumbs or panko
- spices: Pepper, salt, paprika
- Decoration: freshly chopped parsley, 4 slices of lemon

Parasol mushroom cutlets


Self-picked mushrooms can be poisonous and therefore deadly. They should therefore only be collected if you are 100% familiar with mushrooms or can consult an expert.

We would therefore like to make it clear that you pick mushrooms at your own risk and that our website does not constitute an offer of advice and the following information is provided without guarantee.


.... Fresh from the forest, they simply taste sensational!

Mushrooms are best cleaned dry with a soft brush or kitchen paper, otherwise they absorb water and lose their aroma.

To remove any dirt or animals from the plates, gently tap the mushroom cap with your fingers.

You will need 2 deep plates: whisk the eggs with the spices in one and add the breadcrumbs/panko to another.

Now pull the mushroom caps through the egg mixture one after the other, then press them into the breadcrumbs until they are coated all over.

Heat the butter in a cast iron or non-stick frying pan - so that it doesn't get too brown - and fry the mushroom escalopes on both sides until golden brown.

Drain the fat briefly on kitchen paper, place 2 on a plate and top with lemon and fresh parsley - so delicious!

Enjoy your meal!

Parasol mushrooms are usually quite easy to recognize:


Reaches a diameter of 10-40cm (hence also called giant umbrella mushroom) and has dark soft scales on the top. (See pictures below)

There is a small brown hump in the center.

Directly under the cap is a movable double ring on the stem. This is also an important distinguishing feature for a parasol mushroom.


The stem should always be rattled! If it is rattled, it is not a Parasol mushroom. It is up to 50 cm long and 1-2.5 cm thick.

Here is another warning:

There is a poisonous giant umbrella mushroom (saffron umbrella mushroom) that occurs mainly on nutrient-rich/fertilized soil and does not have any nattering, but is otherwise easy to confuse with the parasol. This is also often found in gardens. Please keep your hands off these specimens.


The white lamellae are not directly connected to the stalk.


The flesh is light in color and does not discolor when injured.

You can find a clear description under the following link.

Parasol mushroom

Giant umbrella mushroom