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  • Environmentally friendly and resource friendly cultivation:

This chlorella algae is truly unique, combining the benefits of glass tube cultivation with the intense sunlight of the Mediterranean and nutrient-rich mountain spring water.

This brings several advantages. On the one hand, you get a foodstuff that is completely controlled from the cultivation to the harvest to the processing and is practically not subject to any external environmental influences. Secondly, it is not necessary to supply energy in the form of light from outside, as is often the case with other glass tube systems.

Algenfarm in  Glasröhren

The closed system also prevents water from simply evaporating.

Of course, the cultivation is certified organic, which also guarantees that no artificial fertilizers or nutrients are used. The use of pesticides is also prohibited, which would not be necessary anyway due to the closed system.

This means that the cultivation is highly environmentally friendly and resource-saving.

  • Vegan & nutritious:

But not only the cultivation method is on the highest level, also the nutrient content is one of the highest we have seen so far in Chlorella.

The vitamin B12 content per 100g is 150-350 μg. This means you can cover your entire vitamin B12 requirement with just 1-2g daily.

The iron levels are also very respectable and are up to 150mg/100g. A daily intake of 10-15 g is recommended, so that one covers the entire daily requirement with 10g Chlorella also here.

Also worth mentioning are the potassium, calcium and magnesium values.

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Dieses Chlorella Pulver hat wirklich die kräftigste Farbe von allen, die ich bis jetzt gesehen habe. Es ist wirklich jeden Morgen wieder ein Augenschmaus.
Perfekt - Es gibt nur wenige Anbieter die Algen aus geschlossenem Anbau anbieten. Daher freue ich mich sehr, dass ich dieses Produkt gefunden habe.