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Organic Chlorella capsules from glass tubes Cultivation in Europe

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  • Organic certified (Bio-Zertifikat anzeigen)
  • Grown in glass tubes
  • Origin: Euro-Mediterranean region
  • Rich in B12 & Iron
  • 400mg chlorella powder per capsule *Capsule sizesee at the bottom of the text!
  • Vegan cellulose capsule
  • Environmentally friendly and resource-saving cultivation:

This chlorella algae is truly unique, combining the advantages of glass tube cultivation with the intense sunlight of the Mediterranean and nutrient-rich mountain spring water.

This brings several advantages. On the one hand, you obtain a food product that is completely controlled from breeding, through harvesting and processing, and which is subject to practically no external environmental influences. On the other hand, it is not necessary to supply energy in form or light from outside, as is often the case with other glass tube systems.

Algenfarm in  Glasröhren

The closed system also prevents water from simply evaporating.

Of course, the cultivation is certified organic, which also guarantees that no artificial fertilizers or nutrients are used. The use of pesticides is also prohibited, which would not be necessary anyway due to the closed system.

This means that the cultivation is highly environmentally friendly and saves resources.

  • Vegan & Nutrient-rich:

But not only the cultivation method is on the highest level, also the nutrient content is one of the highest we have seen so far with chlorella.

The vitamin B12 content per 100g is 150-350 μg. This means that you can cover your entire vitamin B12 requirement with just 1-2g a day.

The iron values are also very respectable and are up to 150mg/100g. A daily intake of 10-15g is recommended, so that 10g of chlorella covers the entire daily requirement.

The potassium, calcium and magnesium values should also be highlighted.

One capsule contains 400mg of organic chlorella powder, which of course consists of cellulose and is therefore completely vegan.

Capsule sizes:

600 g = 1175 capsules à 400mg

225 g = 440 capsules of 400mg

130 g = 255 capsules of 400mg

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Letzte Woche habe ich die neuen Algen entdeckt und mir direkt die 225 Gramm Dose bestellt. War sehr neugierig und wurde nicht enttäuscht. Sehr verträglich und für mich auch leicht zu schlucken. Auch gefallen hat mir, dass meine E-mails mit dem Fragen direkt beantwortet wurden. Vielen Dank dafür und bis bald.