Honey with rowan / mountain ash berries

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Our blossom honey with rowan is a sweet delight with aromatic-tart note. Connoisseurs appreciate the taste very much.

Among people rowan berry is often scorned, because they believe that the berries are poisonous. But in fact this does not correspond to reality. In fact, the berries of mountain ash are not poisonous.

However, since they contain a large amount of tannins and bitter substances, as well as parasorbic acid, some people do not tolerate them well in their raw state.

This can be remedied by processing, because the parasorbic acid is converted into sorbic acid by heating and one can benefit from the vitamin C, which is also abundant, and the polyphenols, which act as antioxidants.

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Hallo, ich bin ein absoluter Honig-Liebhaber. Die interessanten Honigsorten, die ihr anbietet, habe ich noch nie woanders gesehen. Besonders dieser Honig mit Vogelbeeren hörte sich für mich zunächst sehr speziell an. Tatsächlich schmeckt er wunderbar, ich war überrascht. Auch meiner Frau hat er gut gefallen. Danke.