Wild tobacco blossom honey

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  • Rarity from Hungary
  • Highest purity
  • Excellent taste
  • Wild tobacco blossom honey:

Wild tobacco blossom honey is an absolute rarity. It can only be found in a few remote and pristine areas of the world.
But its rarity is not the only quality that makes Hungarian honey unique. Its smell and taste also make it far superior to other honeys.

Honey lovers and connoisseurs appreciate its soft and somewhat sweet aroma and its floral aftertaste.
Wild tobacco honey’s clear and light yellow colour bear witness to its high quality and purity.
Wild tobacco blossom honey is so rare that it would certainly be a shame to eat it for your daily breakfast, but it is wonderful as something unique to offer on special occasions. Wild tobacco blossom honey also makes a great out of the ordinary gift.
Unfortunately, due to its rarity, delivery quantities are very limited.

Shelf-life: 3 years


Sehr lecker. Für meine Kinder gibt es den Honigbär den Sie anbieten und für mich und meinen Mann den wilden Tabakblütenhonig. Wir möchten keinen Honig aus dem Supermarkt mehr kaufen. Sind vollstens zufrieden!
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