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Goji Berries - Premium quality

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  • Residue control
  • Additive-free
  • Sweet taste
  • Goji beeries:

Our goji berries come from the Ningxia valley in China, which is famous for its goji plantations. Our berries are large, taste sweet, and are the typical red colour of this variety of Chinese wolfberry.

  • Quality features of our goji berries:
  • Residue control:

Our Goji berries are stricly monitored for residue by German laboratories. They qualify as a legitimate commercial foodstuff and meet the very stringent EU standards that are specifically applicable to goji berries.

  • Additive-free:

Our Goji berries are sun-dried, unsweetened, and contain no additives. They also qualify as a natural raw food.

Shelf-life: 2 years

  • without dyes
  • without sweeteners
  • without flavors
  • without preservatives
  • Sugar free
  • Gelatin free
  • Yeast free
  • Lactose free
  • suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Shelf-life: 2 years
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Schmecken schön fruchtig süß! Tolle Qualität!
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