Peppery herb salt with fresh garden herbs

Ingredients for 330g herbal salt:

- 230 g Sel Marin (coarse sea salt)
- 100 g fresh herbs
- eg: Rosemary, thyme, dost (wild oregano), savory, yarrow leaves, basil, sage, parsley, marjoram, chives, some lavender flowers, depending on the season also wild garlic
- From the flavor-intensive herbs such as rosemary and oregano do not take quite so much.

Peppery herb salt with fresh garden herbs.


Pluck the leaves from the stems of thyme, dost, rosemary and sage. With all other herbs you can also use the stems.

Grind the herbs and salt in a kitchen blender until fine or coarser, depending on the desired grain size.

Then spread your salt mixture on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and dry the whole thing at 50 degrees top/bottom heat in the oven with the oven door slightly open (put a wooden cooking spoon in between) for about 3 hours.

After that, put the herbal salt mixture again briefly in the blender and fill into your clean jars.

Recipe tips:

You can season with your peppy green salt e.g.: salad dressings, herb butter or quark, all kinds of vegetables, soups or sauces as well as meat dishes.

We recommend it as a finish after cooking, so the freshness is best preserved.

Mixing more salt than fresh herbs will keep your salt for a long time.


You can of course also use dried herbs, then you don't need the oven drying time of course, but you also don't have such a peppy green color, because the dried herbs give more of a brownish-grey color.



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