Raspberry-banana protein smoothie with barley grass juice powder and hemp protein

Raspberry and banana protein smoothie with vanilla and barley grass

Preparation time: approx. 10 minutes - Difficulty level: easy - For 1 person

- 1 banana
- 100g raspberries
- 25 g hemp protein (organic)
- 1 teaspoon barley grass juice powder (organic)
- 200 ml soy vanilla milk
- 1 pinch of vanilla, ground

Raspberry-banana protein smoothie

Place all the ingredients except the barley grass and protein powder in a blender or smoothie maker and blend on a medium speed until smooth. Finally, add the remaining ingredients and blend again. Pour the finished smoothie into a smoothie glass and enjoy!

You can also cut the banana into pieces the day before and place it in the freezer wrapped in baking paper. The smoothie will then not only be ice-cold, but also creamier. Just the thing for summer!