Skin care Apple oil or apple ointment/lip care with yarrow & beeswax

  • Vegan - Lactose-free - Gluten-free

-Difficulty level: easy

Ingredients Skin care oil:
- 500ml olive or almond oil
- 400g apples - if available wild apples as shown here in the picture
- 1 bunch of fresh yarrow - alternatively a handful of dried yarrow
But it also works with other herbs
Other ingredients for ointment or lip care:
- Beeswax
- Small oil bottles or ointment jars
- Possibly essential oils


Today we are making a skin care oil with apple pectin. Alternatively, the basic recipe is also ideal for making a nourishing and protective ointment or lip balm.

It is really easy to make and requires no prior knowledge.

You can easily collect the ingredients yourself in nature. Apple trees can usually be found in meadows or orchards. With the second option, however, you should clarify who owns the meadow and whether collecting is permitted here.

Small wild apples, which are often found along roadsides, are very suitable.

Yarrow and other herbs are best collected from natural meadows. Agricultural areas are out of the question, as they are usually sprayed with pesticides.
Yarrow flowers from June to September. Alternatively, you can also use just the herb. This can be harvested from spring to fall.

Now let's move on to the preparation.

You should wash the apples and the yarrow. You can also use a salad spinner for the yarrow.

Cut the apples into small pieces and remove the core.

Now dry the yarrow and apple pieces carefully, as they would otherwise start to splatter when combined with the oil.

Apple oil


We then start making the extract.

For this we need a nourishing vegetable oil. You can use either a mild olive oil or almond oil.

First put the oil in a pan and heat it slowly. In the meantime, add the ingredients.

As we want to achieve an extract and do not want to fry the ingredients, please ensure that the temperature of the oil does not exceed 100 degrees.

Then leave to infuse for around 20 minutes on the lowest setting.
You then just need to strain the extract. You can use a very fine-mesh sieve or a stainless steel or cotton tea filter for this.

From this point, you now have several options. If you want to use the oil directly for skin care or as a massage oil, then pour it into small spray or oil bottles.

However, if you want to make a lip balm or ointment, you will need to add another ingredient to the oil.

Depending on how much balm or ointment you want to make, you should add about 10% beeswax pastilles to the oil.

In other words, for every 100 ml of oil, add around 10 g of beeswax and stir the mixture.

Beeswax melts at just over 60 degrees Celsius. The oil should therefore still be hot enough.

Skin care oil

Lip balm

Once the beeswax has completely dissolved. You can pour it into small jars and use it as soon as it has cooled down.

You can of course also add other herbs or essential oils to the oil, depending on your taste.

The apple pectin now contained in the oil forms a film on the skin that regenerates it, while the pectin is able to retain moisture. It is best to apply the oil directly after showering when the skin is still damp. This allows it to be bound by the pectin.

Especially in winter, when lips and skin are often too dry and chapped, this is an absolute blessing.

We hope you enjoy making your own.

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