Organic Acai Juice - 100% - 330ml glass bottle

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  • Certified organic
  • 100% pure, additives-free
  • Fresh
  • Quality characteristics and information:

Our organic Acai juice is continuously monitored and certified by the German ecological board ABCERT (DE-ÖKO-006).

  • All our juices are of course always 100% pure, fresh, and contain no additives.

The South American acai palm tree is especially well known and popular in Brazil. It grows in moist areas in close proximity to rivers and to the ocean.
Acai berries are either a very deep purple, or black, or even green. They grow to be approximately 2 cm in size and are covered in small bumps. Acai berries are usually processed into juice. The acai palm tree constitutes a highly valued food source, most particularly in Brazil, because both the berries and the hearts of palm are edible.
Once these "power berries" are picked, acai berries must be processed within 36 hours in order to preserve all their important nutrients as well as their unusual taste.
Our organic Acai fruit juice is certified and contains 100 % acai fruit stemming from strictly monitored organic farms.

Directions for use:

You can enjoy this fruit juice both pure, or diluted with water. 30 ml is the ideal recommended daily serving.


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