Organic Elderberry Juice - 100% - 330ml in a glass bottle

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  • Quality characteristics and information:

Our organic Elderberry juice is continuously monitored and certified by the German ecological board ABCERT (DE-ÖKO-006).

  • All our juices are of course always 100% pure, fresh, and contain no additives.

Elderberries grow on shrubs that thrive on river banks or at the edge of forests. Ripe elderberries are black and they mature in August and September. Elderberry bushes belong to the musk plant family and are mainly prevalent in Central Europe.
In popular lore, the elder tree is called the „tree of life“. It is said that an elderberry bush in one’s garden will provide protection against fire, black magic, and even insect bites. If the shrub should wither, a death in the family may be foretold.
Between May and July the elderberry shrub blossoms into its full glory with a mass of lilac coloured flowers. In August the berries begin to mature and grow to about 6 mm in size. Unripe elderberries are red, but they darken as they mature and are ready for harvest once they have turned black. Raw elderberries are not edible, which is why they must be boiled or fermented. The berries can then be used to make juice, syrup, jam, and other delicious things. The elderberry’s characteristic sweet taste blends wonderfully with other fruits and fruit juices.

Recommended daily intake:

Try drinking up to 30 ml per day of our wonderful elderberry juice, either pure or mixed in with other juices, or in jogurt. Adding honey, cinnamon and cloves to boiled elderberry juice also makes a tasty, warm and comforting calorific drink for cold winter days.


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Ich habe bereits den dritten Saft ausprobiert und bin sehr zufrieden. Wir verdünnen ihn mit Mineralwasser und und sind sehr angetan von dem erfrischenden Geschmack. Holunder ist bislang unsere Lieblingssorte wobei die anderen beiden auch sehr gut waren!
Im Sommer mache ich mir jeden Tag mit Eurem Cistus Tee und euren Säften erfrischende Eisteevariationen. Ich wechsle unter den Säften auch regelmäßig aber aber aber mein Favorit bleibt der Holundersaft. Sehr besonders im Geschmack und schwer erhältlich in dieser Qualität.
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