Greek mountain tea - ironwort - Sideritis scardica

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In the mountains of northern Greece, our Greek mountain tea, also called verbena, grows.
The location and the dry climate play an important role in the growth.
This also favours the drying of the tea after the harvest, which is done by pure air drying.

By working directly with the local farmers, we can ensure that they are fairly remunerated for their work.

Of course you will receive our Greek mountain tea in whole umbels and not as a blend.

The easiest way is to put 3-4 stems of the tea into a pot, pour some water over them and let the tea steep for 10 minutes.
• no sweeteners
• no preservatives
• Gelatine-free
• Yeast-free
• Lactose-free
• from natural ingredients
• suitable for vegetarians and vegans
• Minimum shelf life: 3 years

Ingredients: Sideritis scardica from Greece, in conversion goods
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