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Organic Sea buckthorn juice - 100% - 330ml in a glass bottle

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  • Certified organic
  • 100% pure, additives-free
  • Fresh
  • Quality characteristics and information:

Our organic Sea buckthorn juice is continuously monitored and certified by the German ecological board ABCERT (DE-ÖKO-006).

  • All our juices are of course always 100% pure, fresh, and contain no additives.

Sea buckthorn is a plant genus belonging to the oil pasture plant family. Following a glacial shift, "the Common buckthorn" spread from Nepal to East-West Asia and as far as Central Europe, to the Alps and to many parts Germany.
Sea buckthorn is found predominantly in sunny altitudes and on calcareous sand and gravel soils. It is also often found in pine forests and floodplains which allow the plant to grow a deep root system.
From April to May the sea buckthorn blooms into small, yellowish flowers. The 6-8 mm long, oval-shaped and orangy-red or yellowish fruit ripen between August and December.

Recommended daily intake:

The sea buckthorn is also called the "lemon of the north" due to its strong acidic taste which makes it inedible when raw. The fruit become palatable only after being boiled or fermented into juice or jam.

Try 30 ml per day of our 100% sea buckthorn juice that comes from certified organic farms.

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Den Bio Sanddorn Saft bestelle ich immer für meine Freundin dazu. Sie ist sehr zufrieden mit dem Produkt und der Qualität.
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