Green breakfast with barley grass juice powder

Preparation time: 5 minutes - Difficulty: easy

- 50g oat flakes
- 25g pumpkin seed protein
- 50g banana
- 30g apple
- 25g sliced date
- 50g cashew nuts
- 5g barley grass juice powder
- some fresh mint or lemon balm
- some moringa or goutweed
- 5g Green Trio powder
- some goji berries for the topping
- As a garnish sprinkle some fresh fruit with chili

Grünes Frühstück

Frühstück mit Gerstengrassaft-Pulver



Put all the ingredients, except the goji berries and cashew nuts in a blender and blend with milk or oat milk to a paste.

Then add the goji berries and cashew nuts and enjoy together with the fruit.