Homemade wellness bath tabs

Preparation time: 30-60 minutes - Difficulty: easy

Ingredients for 12 tabs:
- 400 g baking soda
- 60-100 g almond or coconut oil
- 200 g food grade citric acid
- 60 g cornstarch
- 2 tsp water
- 10 tr. eth. Oil, e.g. rose
- Baking molds, e.g. cupcakes
For coloring:
- Ca 15g spirulina extract
- Ca 20g spirulina powder
- Ca 20g blueberry powder
- Ca 20g cocoa
- Ca 15g turmeric
- Bee Pollen (Bio)
- Rosemary
- Tea mix

Colorful bath tabs

mixed bath tabs

Bath tabs

First, make the basic mixture. To do this, mix the baking soda and starch in a bowl, then add the water and fragrance oils and knead the mixture well until a uniform dough is formed.
Then add the citric acid and knead again.

Since the baking soda is strongly alkaline and the citric acid strongly acidic, they react in combination with water and thus provide a nice bubbling effect in the bathtub, which is of course harmless.

Next, the mass must be portioned to color you afterwards.

The number of portions depends on the number of colors. At least one white portion must remain.

Different fruit and plant powders are best suited for coloring. These not only give a strong hue, but also smell good.

Blue spirulina extract, spirulina powder, blueberry powder, cocoa, turmeric, rosehip powder or beetroot powder are best.

Bath tabs with herbs

colored bath tabs

Then you can actually start filling the molds. The used molds should be very stable, because you have to press the mass into them, so that the bath tabs do not fall apart afterwards.

For this purpose, stable baking molds, such as cupcake molds are best suited.

First you put the decoration into the cups. Here they set no limits to the imagination.

You can use different flowers, such as lavender, marigold or cornflower. But also spruce needles, juniper berries, Bee Pollen (Bio) or rosemary are suitable.

Well worked with us also Julians Tanzanian tea mix, looks beautiful, smells good and colors the water in a beautiful rosé hue, by the contained hibiscus flowers.

Now the mixture for the bath tabs is poured in different layers. The layers must be well pressed in each case, so that they do not fall apart later. For this you need an appropriate pressing aid. We used commercial spice shakers made of glass.

Badetabs close-up

Bath tab

Finally, the tabs are carefully removed from the mold and placed on a board with baking paper. The baking paper is important to prevent the tabs from sticking.

Now the tabs must become firm. You can either leave them in the open air for several days or put them in the refrigerator overnight.