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Spirulina extract powder - Phycocyanin - blue spirulina

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  •  100% pure spirulina extract:
We offer you our phycocyanin as an extract of spirulina algae in the form of 100% pure powder.
  •  Vegan:
Our phycocyanin is a 100% vegetable extract and is therefore also suitable for the vegan diet.
  •  Excellent for colouring:
Phycocyanin is a plant-based pigment, which is why this extract can be used to colour a wide variety of foods blue effortlessly and without any chemicals.
It is particularly suitable for blue smoothies, cake or cake icings. For children's birthdays it makes wonderful Smurf ice cream.
  •  Phycocyanin:
Phycocyanin (Phyco = algae; Cyanin = blue-green) is an extract of the spirulina algae, a blue-green algae.
Spirulina has existed for more than 3.5 billion years and consists of more than 65% protein. But not only protein is contained in the valuable blue-green algae, spirulina also contains the pigment phycocyanin.

Phycocyanin is one of the most important phytopigments of spirulina algae and is contained exclusively in spirulina. But this phycobiliprotein does not only give the blue-green algae the typical green-blue colour.
Phycocyanin acts as an additional pigment during photosynthesis and can store almost as much solar energy as chlorophyll.
Phycocyanin is 12-15% contained in spirulina, its composition is very similar to the bile pigments of humans and is characterized by its strong antioxidant effect, as well as its blue-colouring property.
Das Zeug ist einfach der Hammer. Ich habe alles abgesucht, aber es gibt keine natürliche Alternative für eine blaue Farbe in meinen Limonaden. Im ersten Moment wirkt es zwar teuer, aber da es so ergiebig ist, relativiert sich der Preis. (ja es ist wirklich so blau wie auf dem Bild) :)
Wir sind sehr zufrieden. Hoffe die zukünftigen Lieferungen sind von der gleichen Qualität!
Nach dem Produkt habe ich lange in einer guten Qualität gesucht. Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit der Ware und bestellen gerne wieder.