Protein-Chocolate Bowl with hemp protein, flower pollen and acerola

Preparation time: 15 minutes - • Level of difficulty: easy - • For 2 persons

- 200g watermelon
- 2 bananas
- 200g frozen raspberries
- 2 tbsp hemp protein (organic) or
pumpkin seed protein- 1 tbsp acerola powder (organic)
- 400ml milk
- 2 tbsp cocoa powder (organic)

For the topping:
- chia seeds
- flower pollen
- almonds (chopped)



First cut the banana and the watermelon into pieces and put them together with the frozen raspberries into a strong stand mixer or smoothie maker. Note: set aside a few pieces of fruit at a time!
Add the almond milk and blend until smooth. Then add the hemp protein or pumpkin seed protein, the acerola powder and the cocoa powder and blend until all ingredients are mixed together. Pour the finished bowl into a bowl and add the pieces of fruit that were previously set aside.

Finally, sprinkle the topping on top.


Instead of cocoa powder, you can also use a pinch of vanilla or vanilla sugar to make a vanilla bowl.