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Organic Bee Pollen

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  • Certified organic
  • Best quality
  • Residue controlled
  • Cheaper prices through direct importation
  •  Monitored and certified:

We obtain our organic bee pollen from certified organic Hungarian beekeeping installations and apiaries that are monitored and certified by the German ecological inspection board ABCERT (DE-ÖKO-006).

  • Hungarian organic bee pollen:

Hungarian pollen tends to have a stronger tangy taste than Spanish pollen.
Our bee pollen comes from pesticide-free, flower-rich areas that are controlled for residue by recognized independent laboratories.

  •  Cheaper prices through direct importation:

We import our bee pollen directly from one of the largest bee product exporters in Hungary. Thanks to the cooperation between our suppliers and countless smaller apiaries, we are able to offer the highest quality and most flavourful, valuable, multicolour Hungarian pollen.

It also enables us to keep prices low and avoid long storage times so we can always offer you fresh and crisp pollen.

  •   Delivery, shelf-life and serving suggestion:

All our deliveries are of course protected from sunlight so that no valuable nutrients are lost.

Shelf-life: 2.5 years in a cool, dry place

Serving suggestion:

Bee pollen tastes wonderful in cereal or stirred into milk or yogurt. But it is also delightful in and of itself. A bowl of cereal mixed with a spoonful of bee pollen and a spoonful of honey makes a tasty treat.

  • General information about bee pollen:

Bee pollen is the male germ cells of flowering plants. The bees collect it and use it as food for their offspring because it is very rich in protein (about 25%), vitamins, minerals and many others nutrients. It is the perfect food source for organisms with increasing nutritional needs.
Bee pollen has also long been used in human nutrition. Various Indian tribes for example, used bee pollen as a food source to provide strength and stamina during long and demanding hunts. Pollen has also long been used in Indian medicine to cure various diseases.

Nowadays pollen is especially favoured by athletes and by people who have been weakened for various reasons because it represents the ideal anabolic food.
It is also reported that people who follow a course of treatment with pollen during the winter months can reduce or even entirely combat hay fever symptoms during the warmer months of the year.


  • Organic certified by ABCERT (DE-Öko-006)
  • from certified organic beekeeping from Hungary
  • without dyes
  • without sweeteners
  • without flavors
  • without preservatives
  • Sugar free
  • Gelatin free
  • Yeast free
  • Lactose free
  • suitable for vegetarians
  • Shelf-life: 2.5 years
  • Nutrients:

         Energy:             1557 kJ / 369 kcal / 100 g

         Protein:               17.8 g / 100 g

         Carbohydrates:   55.39 g / 100 g

         Fat:                      8.8 g / 100 g

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