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Organic barley grass juice powder from Austria

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  • Organic certified
  • Grown and processed in Austria
  • Field fresh filled into the jar

This product is an absolute rarity and only available in small quantities.

Barley grass juice powder was previously available in high quality only from the USA in our store.(-> link to the product). This was not only due to the cultivation on nutrient-rich volcanic soils but also due to the technical know-how required to gently process barley grass juice into powder.

But barley grass also grows in the mountainous landscape idyll of Austria to a tender rich green plant, which is full of nutrients.

After years of development work, a process has now been created that makes it possible to extract the water from the barley grass juice in a vacuum at low temperatures.

What remains is only the pure dark green barley grass juice powder, which is finely ground and filled directly into a black light protection glass to preserve the absolute freshness of the barley grass. Made in Austria

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