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  • Essential Nutrition
  • Additive-free
  • Reasonable prices through direct importation
  • Quality features of our wheat grass:
  • Essential Nutrition:

The harvest and drying process take place when the nutrient content is at its highest levels. A special drying process which is performed below 38 degrees allows our wheat grass to qualify as a natural raw food, which means that all the important nutrients such as vitamins, enzymes and phytochemicals remain intact.

  • Additive-free:

Strict controls and analyses allow us to guarantee that our wheat grass is free of any contamination or contaminant residues.
It is of course 100% pure and contains no additives, flavouring or colouring, etc.

  • Always fresh:

We guarantee that our products are always fresh because we purchase and package them straight after harvest.

  • Reasonable prices through direct importation:

We are able to keep our prices low and offer you quality products at an affordable price because we import our wheat grass directly, without intermediaries. Furthermore, we guarantee that our goods are not subject to long storage periods so that they are always delivered fresh.

  • Delivery, and consumption & shelf-life:

Our wheat grass shipments are protected against sunlight to ensure that no valuable nutrients are lost.

Minimum shelf-life : 3 years

  • General information about wheat grass:

Wheat is the most ancient grain crop of all. Mankind has been cultivating wheat for over 10 000 years, even before barley and spelt. Wheat originally came from the Near East, then spread to Europe, North Africa and Asia. Wheat is currrently one of the most widely cultivated grains worldwide. Wheat grass comes from the young wheat plant which is harvested, dried and milled when its nutrient content is at ist highest levels.
Wheat grass has long been known as an energising food source. Along with barley and spelt, wheat is a sweet grass that stands out for its rich nutrient content. It is rich in potassium, iron, calcium, vitamin C, and chlorophyll, and also contains large amounts of In addition, wheat grass is characterized by a high content of fiber.

  • without dyes
  • without sweeteners
  • without flavors
  • without preservatives
  • Sugar free
  • Gelatin free
  • Yeast free
  • Lactose free
  • suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Shelf-life: 3 years
  • Nutrients:

         Energy:              653 kJ / 154 kcal / 100 g

         Protein:              14,8 g / 100 g

         Carbohydrates:   19,5 g / 100 g

         Fat:                      1,9 g / 100 g

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Bin sehr zufrieden mit der Qualität des Weizengras Pulvers. Danke auch für die schnelle Lieferung.
Erstklassige Ware! Frisch und grün wie es sein soll LG
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